8 Best Educational Apps in Pakistan

As you know, education is the most vital thing in this era. Many android users often look for the best educational apps that help them in their studies. So, here I will tell you about the top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan.

Educational apps work as a tutor for students. It gives us all the essential knowledge that is required to clear our concepts. It also helps us to solve difficult sums.

If you are a student and want to clear all your doubts related to any subject, then educational apps are the best choice for you.

There are a lot of students taking benefits from these free apps now it’s your turn to learn. Without wasting further time let’s discuss these apps.

Here is the list of the top 7 best educational apps in Pakistan:

  • Noon academy app
  • Sabaq app
  • Jolly phonics lesson
  • ABC song rhymes
  • Toppr learning app for class
  • Khan Academy
  • U Dictionary translator
  • Maqsad — Online Learning

Noon Academy app
Noon Academy app is one of the top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan. This app is very beneficial for you if you are a student of fsc, matric, O-level & A-level. This app will provide you with thousands of video lectures. Recorded by professional teachers.

You can easily join the live classes also for free. This app contains both live and recorded videos. This app gives you the option to interact with the teachers during online classes. If you have questions, you can easily discuss them with your teacher during the lecture.

If you are an O or A-level student, you can also join this app. And take advantage of this app. This app has over 10 M downloads. This app is available to both android and iOS users.

After signing in to this app you will see a timetable of the online classes. The teacher also gave their students’ different assignments related to their topic and test sessions were also held near exams.

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They just demand your time if you want to learn for free and want to achieve the first position in the class. This app is the best option for you.

Sabaq app
Sabaq app is also one of the top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan. If you want to learn in your comfort zone and attain good marks in examinations, then this app is good for you.

This app also contains video-recorded lectures. You can take these lectures whenever you are free or comfortable with no time boundaries usually seen in a physical class.

Also, teachers assign practice test activities to their students for testing and advancing their learning skills.

This app contains a lot of recorded video lectures from professional teachers in those subjects. This app has over 50k downloads. You can track your learning progress with this application. It is very beneficial for android users.

Khan Academy
Khan academy is also top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan which teaches millions of students for free without taking any fee. Khan academy is a well-known app in Pakistan.

By using this app you can easily sharpen your skills without investing money.

You can also track your progress by attempting several tests on this app.

If you always wanted to learn about many subjects and ancient history lines, this app is best for you.

You can also contact your teacher if you have any confusion by visiting their profile. This app has over 10 million students.

Toppr learning app for class
This app is best for you if you are a lover of physics or chemistry and want to become an expert in these subjects. Toppr learning app is an Indian app, but it is one of the best apps. It has more than 10M+ downloads.

It helps you to excel in your knowledge of physics, chemistry, or biology. I highly recommend this app. As it will provide you with advanced and in-depth knowledge related to every topic and you can understand it in a better way.

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It contains recorded video lectures from masters in the field. If you want to solve an algebraic sum in a few seconds, it will help you. Along with physics, chemistry, and biology, you can also become a pro in mathematics by using this app.

You just need to scan a question or mathematical sum of which solution is required by your phone’s camera. And it will provide the result in a few seconds or minutes.

You have the option to view video lectures, stories, or concepts which is a wonderful option. I loved these options. Once try this app you will surely like it.

ABC song rhymes
ABC song rhymes is a very popular app. If you want to educate your kid at home. Then, this app is the best choice for you.

It is an Excellent app in the recent past. I have tried a lot of apps but they were all useless this one is top-notch thumbs up to the developer for developing this helpful app for kids.

When you’re offline, you don’t have to see any ads. I thought this is a very great thing because many people hate watching ads. If you are also one of them and want to educate your kid then this app is the best choice for you.

It has over 10 M+ users. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Jolly phonics lesson
Jolly phonics is also one of the top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan. If you want to learn phonics, then this app is best for you. It contains 42 jolly songs in a dedicated player. You can also practice by blending with hundreds of words.

It has more than 1M downloads on the google play store. It is also available for both Android and iOS users.

It also contains interesting songs, tests, and games for kids. It teaches lesson by lesson to students and helps them to learn and enjoy too.

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If you want to improve your English language, and grammar then this app is best for you. U-dictionary is also one of the top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan.

It has more than 100M, active users. This app comes with advanced features like:

Grammar checking of your text.
Text translator to translate your text into any of 108 languages.
Also, translate voices in different languages.
Translate text in 1 second.
You can also find all the antonyms and synonyms of different words in just one click.
Offline dictionary and many more.
Maqsad — Online Learning
One of the Best Educational Apps in Pakistan which help you a lot in solving your math problems. If you find it difficult to solving math problems. Then this app is the best choice for you.

It helped students to remove their doubts toward maths and helped them improve their concepts in Maths.

It is very useful app especially for the students who have queries in math biology and physics. It helped them get good grades in math But the problem is that sometimes it doesn’t show the full answer please otherwise, I highly recommend you this app.


These educational apps will be helpful for you if you want to clear each concept without paying fees. Many of the students cannot afford the tuition fee and are looking for a solution. Education apps are the best choice for you if you are also one of them.

These apps give you all the advanced knowledge related to your class for free spending no money.

These apps contain videos, or audio lectures, and they just demand time to listen to them. So, all the above apps are the top 8 best educational apps in Pakistan. If you have questions. Don’t forget to comment.

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